Meet Alita Rovito, Esq.

I am the youngest of six children raised in a large, loud, Italian-American family. My father was a lawyer. As he watched me negotiate my way with my siblings, he told me that I should be a lawyer too. My mother was an art teacher who filled our lives with creativity, love, compassion, and respect for each of our individual personalities and needs.

I spent many an afternoon in our public library where my parents both served as members of the board; they volunteered their time to our community through scouting and our church. My parents gave my siblings and I a solid foundation that has carried me through my life and made me the person that I am today.

I needed those values and strength when two months before my 15th birthday, my mother and sister were killed in an automobile accident, and two months before my 21st birthday, my father died of a heart attack in our family home. I had a lot of choices at that time as to the path I would take, but the foundation of resilience, compassion and forward thinking instilled by my parents is why I am asking for your vote.

It is those life experiences that have taught me that people aren’t defined by a moment in time, or a single event in their lives, but that their lives are a continuum of moments. I believe that each individual is entitled to respect and dignity. If elected, I will decide matters based on the facts and the law, based on who you are as a whole, complex person, not by who you are represented by or whether you are represented at all, as all people must be treated equally.

Chester County is my home. My husband and I have raised and educated our daughters here. I have volunteered in many different ways from Girl Scouting, serving on the Crime Victim’s Center Board, teaching religious education and coaching Mock Trial. My goal is, and always has been, to make Chester County the best place it can be.

I’ve been an attorney for 33 years starting my career in Chester County as an assistant district attorney. In that role I prosecuted jury and nonjury trials. I was the first managing attorney of the child abuse unit. The unit that I helped develop became the prototype for child abuse units throughout the Commonwealth and is now one of the most respected units in the state.

After 6 years at the DA’s office, I became a hearing officer for Family Court. In Family Court, the hearing officer acts as the trial judge. My responsibility as a family court hearing officer was to make decisions. I had a courtroom, swore in and listened to witnesses testify, judged credibility, and wrote extensive reports outlining my opinion, based on the facts and the law applicable, in resolution of the case before me. I made recommendations in custody, child and spousal support, and the distribution of assets in divorce matters. I always first tried to help parties mediate their disputes. When that was not possible, I weighed the law and the facts and made the decision.

In 2009, I went into private practice representing men and women in family law matters. I have been appointed by the court as guardian ad litem representing the best interest of children, as a parenting coordinator who helps parents resolve disputes in high conflict custody cases, as an arbitrator and as a mediator. I take the old label of “attorney and counselor at law” seriously as I believe I have an obligation to help my clients come to a resolution that is fair and just to all the parties.

I’ve spent 21 of my 33 years as an attorney serving the citizens of Chester County and I believe my professional experiences, make me uniquely qualified to serve the citizens as a judge, in no small part because I am the only candidate who has served in a judicial capacity.

I have the experience and ability to be a compassionate and fair Judge on the Court of Common Pleas. I hope that I can count on your support.

Vote for the Candidate who will stand with Chester County families.


Only Candidate with Judicial Experience as a Hearing Officer in the Family Court Masters Unit


First Managing Assistant District Attorney of the Chester County Child Abuse Unit


Private Practice in Family Law

Years of Judicial Experience as a Hearing Officer in the Family Court Masters Unit

Years as an Attorney serving the citizens of Chester County

“I have the experience and ability to be a compassionate and fair Judge on the Court of Common Pleas.”

Alita Rovito, Esq.

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